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Buddhist Monk At College

Buddhist monk at St John's College in Cambridge

I remember a friend telling me about the chief of an Amazon tribe who was invited to speak at the UN about the invasion of his tribe’s lands and the destruction of the environment. My friend commented that this man had never left his home area, and had never been on an aeroplane, and yet he was not phased when he stood up in the UN to speak.

I have no idea how wordly this monk is. Perhaps he has been all around the world. Yet, I cannot help but think about the interior world he may inhabit compared to the man running in shorts and T-shirt. What have they in common? What separates them?

Bridge Of Sighs

I went out with my camera and took another photo of the Bridge Of Sighs – the covered bridge at St John’s College, Cambridge University. The photo after it is one I took the last time I was there. I rarely find a subject I want to keep going back to, but this is such a special spot.

Bridge of Sighs - covered bridge at St John’s College, Cambridge University.

Cremations At Pashupatinath

I spent some time at the cremation ghats at Pashupatinath when I was in Nepal a few weeks ago. I wrote an article about it, the stages in the cremation, with several more photos over on my photo/travel blog at

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