On The Phone

Is this man a sadhu, a serious searcher after truth, or something else? Who knows?

I met a man who had been on his yatra (pilgrimage to holy places) for years and who had nothing good to say about the ‘fake’ sadhus at Pashupatinath, where I took this photograph. But that was just his take, and he could be wrong.

The man is covered in ash. Some sadhus cover themselves with ash from cremated bodies. As I said, I took this photo at Pashupatinath, by the burning ghats, so this man may have covered himself with ash from the cremations.

I would have wanted to photograph him for his appearance alone, but the fact that he is on the phone adds another dimension.

15 thoughts on “On The Phone

    • Yes. When I was l in the religious community, for three months I hadn’t seen a film or read a novel, or seen TV. I went into town to buy a film for my camera and in the corner of the store a video was playing. It was a film with Sean Connery. He was in his middle age and he was tied up or confronted by some men on a roof terrace. I felt my head, my attention, being dragged to the screen – and in two minutes, the balance I had built in three months was swept away like floodwater.


  1. Wow, the person is fascinating! Not sure how I feel about the human ashes, but I guess dust to dust… I’d love to hear more about your stay in Nepal (me being a self-proclaimed Buddhist), so maybe when you feel like sharing? Or maybe not 🙂


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