How Time Flies

I got this notification of an achievement from

Happy Anniversary to me.  I have been on for twelve years. 

Who would have thought it, eh?

All those words, all those images, all those posts. 1,128 posts, 1,806 images.

It doesn’t feel like an achievement. Maybe I have a skewed idea of what the word means, but I didn’t set out to be on for twelve years, so I don’t think it is an achievement.

It’s been interesting. And there are some people I am glad I bumped into. That’s probably the best bit. Be that as it may, it’s a reason to look back. So here in honour of twelve years a blogger is a gallery of some of the photos I have posted. 


  1. dapplegrey says:

    Happy anniversary! Always enjoy your posts, and look forward to many more.


    1. Thank you for you lovely comment 🙂


  2. Val says:

    Wow. Congratulations! I can’t imagine being on one site for 12 years, let alone having the same blog for that length of time! I started on in 2009 and have had a few different blogs since then, but then I end up deleting and starting over. Between my current one and the last, I took a long break in which I had intended to give up blogging for good.


    1. Thank you 🙂
      I kept the header image from the first incarnation of the site. I called the site ‘Light Reading’ not realising that it was probably better to have the same name as the domain name. I stared at ‘Light Reading’ for months before the penny dropped.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. reb says:

    I remember many of those faces.

    I signed up in August 2006 …


  4. nicklewis says:

    Fabulous work David!


    1. Thanks, Nick. I am most surprised that people actually smiled! I have such a poor opinion of myself as a communicator that I assumed (before looking back and the photos) that they would all be glaring or just kind of putting up with the experience.

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