WordPress Problems with Safari Browser

These are problems I am getting using the Safari Browser with WordPress. When I say ‘WordPress’, I mean WordPress.com specifically. I don’t have any issues with WordPress.org

I think both of the following issues relate to how the browser talks to the WordPress.com servers, but I don’t really know.

Here are the two issues:

I want to like you

The first act a problem I have had for a few months trying to ‘like’ a WP.com post in Safari.

I am logged in to WP.com but when I click to like someone’s post – nothing happens.

That is, nothing happens unless and until I go to the comment field and click the WordPress icon.

Then I can ‘like’ a post.

It happens in Safari in iOS as well, except the browser refreshes as though it is opening a new window.

Oops not found

Another issue in Safari is specific to when I write posts with Gutenberg.

What happens is that when I click ‘ Preview on a post I have not yet published, it goes to a ‘page not found’.

It doesn’t recognise the Preview at all. This is the kind of URL it brings up. (Note that I have changed the URL to ‘dot’ so that it doesn’t try to be a live link.)

https://photographworks dot me/?p=10521

However, I can go to ‘All Posts’ and click ‘Preview’ from there and it works. 

https://photographworks.wordpress dot com/?p=10521&preview=true

I wonder whether the issue is connected to the fact that I have a custom domain (photographworks dot me)

Are you getting similar behaviour?

Anyone else getting similar behaviour in Safari?


  1. susurrus says:

    I am having the logged out / like issue with Safari too. I have logged it on the help forum but got no reply:


    If I’m in the reader, I can like or comment. If I visit an actual site, which I like to do if the blog interests me, I have a roughly 50% chance of being logged out and so unable to like. It’s very frustrating.

    I am now having problems using the back button in the reader (in the top left). It doesn’t take me back to where I was, but back to the top of the reader, so I have to scroll down. Together these issues are making my reading experience a good bit worse.


  2. I asked Support at WP.com the they asked whether I had cross-site scripting disabled in Safari. I did and so I unchecked it.

    I think that has solved the issue.

    To get to the checkbox, go to Safari Preferences / Privacy / and uncheck the box ‘Website tracking’ ‘Prevent cross-site tracking’


  3. Well, after a load of messing around, your posts finally look like they’re properly spaced (like I KNOW you’d laid them out in the first place) so there’s a plus… Too bad it took so l o n g to get it accomplished! Now I can’t help wondering about the possible negative repercussions of this cross-site tracking option I’ve just opened up:/


    1. I wonder, too. Apple introduced it to protect users being tracked by online advertisers. I now expect to be bombarded with advertisements. It’s not really an option to enable and disable it when I want to uses WordPress.com – so along with the good comes the bad.

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      1. Ah well, in that case, I’ll put up with the weird spacing in your posts and avoid the pop-ups…


        1. No, you don’t have to do anything as the reader: It’s me as the person who writes the articles that has to disable cross-site script prevention.

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