lotus in bowl

In the street facing the Dom (the cathedral) in Vienna there is a flower shop. A couple of weeks ago, outside the flower shop, there was a bowl in which were floating lotus flowers.

They were so perfect.


  1. Do they have a scent in addition to being so perfectly beautiful, David?

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    1. Nothing obvious from two feet away. In the past I have held a lotus flower in my hand and I don’t remember a smell.

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      1. Ah well, can’t have everything, I suppose; ) Thanks for that quick response!

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        1. Back home behind the keyboard, so I’m Johny on the spot!

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        2. It’s 10:20 here and I’m thinking about making a coffee, lol

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        3. 3:23pm here and I am catching up on a myriad of stuff, whipping it into shape!

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