WordPress App For Desktop

I decided to download the WordPress app for Mac. I am typing this on the app. I am not sure I see the advantage of using it because I am going to go to the website to see that everything looks OK – so I could just as easily type there.

Maybe if I use it more I would gain trust and just believe that it looks OK on the site.

Here’s a screenshot of what the app looks like. One thing, when I was adding the image, I couldn’t see any way to choose how the image would be inserted. How can I choose to display it in the centre and full size? What if I wanted it to display left and smaller size, or right?

I have the answer. When I click on the image once it is inserted on the page, little handlebars appear and I can drag the size of the image dynamically. And there is a little menu bar with options to click left, right, etc. That is how images behave with Gutenberg in the self-hosted version of WordPress.


This app will also let you post to any self-hosted sites you have that have Jetpack installed, so the app can be a ‘control centre’ from which you can post to several sites.


  1. JenT says:

    This is like Calypso. I don’t know how it is now but when I installed it some time ago on my PC, I had to be online. If it worked as an offline editor I’d still be using it but since I’m usually on-site anyway i didn’t see any advantage to having it. Does it let you add images from the “free” image library, ie Pexels?


    1. I just turned internet off to approve your comment and write this reply. Let’s see whether it saves for when I go back online.

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    2. Yes, it does allow adding images from the free photo library.

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  2. Is there a Linux version of this app?

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  3. reb says:

    I need to try it again. Had it for a while, but it feels as if it was a long time ago … like a year. At that point I couldn’t see the benefits of it, but it may have improved.


    1. I can see the point for someone who has lots of sites and wants to control them all from one place. Otherwise, I don’t see the need. I deleted the app after I experimented with it.


      1. reb says:

        Right. I can’t see any advantages compared to the browser.


        1. Pretty unanimous.


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