Sheep Hide And Seek

sheep playing hide and seek

The Story

You know how you sometimes read about ‘the story behind a photograph’?

Well this is the story behind this photo:

The sheep facing the tree was counting to fifty.

The others were supposed to hide, of course. But it was a hot day and there wasn’t a lot of enthusiasm for the game.

One stood up and tried to encourage the others to get up and hide, but she wasn’t having a lot of success.

They just looked at her, knowing they would have to make the effort when the sheep by the tree started to turn around.

But not yet. Not yet.


  1. Joan E. Miller says:

    Fantastic! I love it! I’m sure you read the scene absolutely accurately.

    I once worked with a woman who said that the gulls she saw on a school playfield were always playing soccer, or baseball or some sport. Whenever I passed that field and saw the gulls, I always thought to myself, there they are, they’re playing ball.


    1. Thank you for your faith in the accuracy of my observations. There are those who would doubt them, but what do they know 🙂

      And you know someone who also has super powers of observations. Must be right, then!


  2. Tamara says:

    My husband, the storyteller….👏🏻😊

    Liked by 1 person

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