1. nicklewis says:

    Maybe it is some sort of bizarre experiment?


    1. Someone doing a PhD measuring increase on plant growth from reflected light via tablecloth?

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      1. Makes as much sense as anything else, hey? ; )


        1. If the truth is more mundane, let’s go with the better story 🙂

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  2. Truly lovely (Begonia, I think?) David. Too bad it’s strung up out of eyeshot of everything except the pigeons; )


    1. The pigeons have plenty of choice. 🙂

      Most of the Colleges are open to the public some parts of the year and some parts of the day, but they are not visited very much. I think they are, perhaps, a bit forbidding with their imposing architecture, but they really are lovely to visit. The ‘Fellows Gardens’ within the grounds are also open sometimes, with some lovely exotic trees – for us and for pigeons.

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