Birch Trees Near The Israel Museum

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stand of trees in Sacher Park in Jerusalem

I went to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem a couple of times and walked there from where I was staying. On the way and close to the museum, there is a grassed area all rough and undulating, with trees dotted here and there.

I liked the way these birch trees grew on a slope, and for some reason they made me think of the early days of colour photography.


  1. So many of my recent nature photos end up with someone’s trash in it, whether bottle or bag. 😦


    • I was talking with people about litter in Israel. It is better than I recall from last time I was in the country.

      Littering is such an insidious piece of destruction. When an area has one piece of litter, it is so much easier for the next person who comes along to think ‘Oh well, there’s litter here anyhow’, and so it goes on.

      It is a problem here in the UK as well, including by teenage schoolchildren on their lunch breaks sitting in the park and leaving litter – children who have seen Blue Planet II and read and heard about environmental destruction.


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