1. Mara Eastern says:

    This cracked me up, for some reasons. They look so chill.

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  2. Lol, these two are the very Definition of “Rumination”! A lovely matched pair for certain (perhaps used as oxen?)
    Totally love the (aged) building behind them. After noticing the metal plates bolted to the wall, couldn’t help but wonder… It’s not a Mill, is it?


    1. It could be a mill, though sometimes old buildings have plates and rods to stop the structure bowing with age.

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      1. Yes indeed, necessary to counteract the incredible vibrational forces exerted by water, wheel and stones, +/- other machinery… And gravity 😉


        1. I hadn’t thought of that. Good observation.

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        2. Thanks David. I love visiting the old mills here in Ontario. They have such a strong link to the past (so much history and water over the sluice, as it were; ) many still working, a couple of centuries later. Not much time when compared to buildings over there perhaps, but certainly built by people who brought that same knowledge with them: )


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