Autumn, and the punts are lined up on the River Cam. I wonder whether they put them away for the winter, and where?

How do you store punts? Are they OK kept out of the water for a long period?

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Great, evocative photo of the punts, David!: I love the line-up; their vibrant shades of reds, greens, orange hues and the like that you’ve captured; and the darker shades exhibited in the reflections of the houseboats on the other side of the shore. Lovely all ’round… ๐Ÿฆ†

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Yes, there are several boat houses along the River Cam for the Cambridge University and Anglia Ruskin University rowing teams. I know where a couple of the punting companies have their boats but I have never looked for a boathouse. Fact is, it might have been staring me in the face.

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Not sure what happened just now, but my initial comment hasn’t appeared, so I’ll attempt to reproduce it: “You must have Boat Houses somewhere near there, David? Winter’s when they get all of their maintenance (and a well-deserved rest; )
A lovely photo, but perhaps just slightly melancholy? The poor little things look deserted with no one about.


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