1. A lovely pair of (Herefords, I presume?)
    I get the urge to scratch their broad, flat foreheads and inhale sweet-scented hay breath: )
    One only sees Polled Herefords here, so I find it quite interesting to notice the wear showing on the horn farthest right…


    1. If you look to the right of the cows you will see they are actually just by the river. And the spot is in the middle of Cambridge! It’s a funny mixture of a city 🙂

      And there were longhorns in a meadow not far from where I photographed the half-hidden door, and like the cows here, they are on open meadows, so they must be very used to company and have placid temperaments.

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      1. They are the most common type for milking the world wide, as far a as I know and temperament is most definitely a factor: )


        1. I may try to get a photo of the longhorns – but with a long lens at a distance 😊

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