1. Good photograph. Nice click


  2. Joan E. Miller says:

    Looks like such a charming village!


    1. It has city status!


  3. So is this where it gets its name then, the bridge on the River Cam?


    1. Yes indeed. I didn’t know that until we were researching Cambridge last month.

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      1. Is it (was it) an important crossing then? So sorry, I know very little about your geography. ):


        1. I don’t know how important it was. Cambridge is quite small even today and the land all around is flat. Cambridge is also on the southern edge of the Fens. I am not sure whether the word ‘fen’ is used other than in the UK, but it means an area of marshland. The fens covered quite a large part of eastern England until they were drained in the 1600s so that land could be used for farming.


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