Edinburgh Festival Parade 2016

Edinburgh festival parade

Welcome to Edinburgh in late July 2016 where the weather is overcast and a cold wind blows.

That’s why I lost patience and decided not to photograph the parade. But then on the walk up the hill I saw this troupe waiting to start.

I knew the arrangement would stand out. But the shot came out better than I expected.

Click the image for a large version.

8 thoughts on “Edinburgh Festival Parade 2016

    1. Not sure where they are from – I could have asked them but I didn’t. I was only a couple of feet from them and just smiled and stuck the camera in their faces, then continued walking uphill.

      Yesterday they would have been fine – not too warm – today by comparison is much warmer and they would have been warm indeed.


  1. That’s such a great and cheerful shot! It makes the weather look not depressing at all. I hear locals rarely venture out during the Festival, so I’m glad you did and shared your photo!


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