23 thoughts on “Haiku for Writing201

      1. They can be slippery – what a great word for describing it. You also captured something I was told or read is important in one form of the haiku (a ‘rule’ so to speak) of having the first and second line making one complete sentence and the middle and last line making another complete sentence. I guess you know that already having done so well with this form πŸ™‚


        1. Again, thank you. It wasn’t blind luck because I have read that the third line should – not sure how to put it – ‘alter the perspective’ – and that’s what I have noticed in haikus that have moved me. Maybe that is it. But now that I read what you say about how the lines should connect to make sentences, I’ll keep that in mind. You are very considerate with your comments.

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        2. just honest reflection πŸ™‚ I’ll remember what you’ve said about altering perspectives too as I’d forgotten that aspect πŸ™‚ Thanks for reminding me of it πŸ™‚


    1. We’ll never know – the person is forever looking.
      I jumped in and joined the WordPress “Writing 201: Poetry!” thing that just began and goes on for two weeks. Did you see it?
      I miss Homeland but at the same time I stopped watching it at the time when Saul was abducted in the airport in Pakistan. I think I was still grieving for Brodie. That sounds crazy, I know, but I felt it when he was hanged – and I also felt it earlier when Saul and Carrie were in the hangar with all the dead bodies from the explosion. I remember thinking I was upset that I got so upset about events in a fictional story – but somehow it got through.


      1. Ahh … I thought it was you, yourself … at some airport. I saw it being announced, but as I saw the word ‘poetry’, I didn’t click through.

        I never thought this show would make it, after Brody’s death. But it did. It’s a show that’s very easy to get emotionally affected by. A couple of years have passed [obviously], and last night’s episode was set in Berlin, Germany.


        1. Yes, the ‘topic word’ was screen. I thought about not writing about that particular screen (tempting fate?) but it is so emotionally- charged that the appeal of it won out over caution.

          I am so hopelessly behind with Homeland now that I would have to watch a boxed DVD set. And for that I would need the right setting – sun through slatted blinds, dusty streets, TV on a chair in the corner with the wire trailing, unmade bed, noise in the corridor, passport and wallet… πŸ˜‰

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        2. We have Netflix here in the UK. We don’t have it ourselves. Every time I think about it, I go ‘Amazon Prime or Netflix’ and then do nothing.
          No, El Capitan is still in beta, isn’t it – or I missed the announcement? Have you updated to it?


        3. Good point, about Amazon Prime — not sure about the price difference, though. El Capitan was released Sept. 30. I have it. I dunno … nothing world shattering 😊


        4. Wow, El Capitan snuck in under the radar. I’m not in a hurry to upgrade but there was something on the iPhone that needs elCap to sync – maybe something to do with the Notes app ? I remember seeing something like ‘Don’t do this until…’ Any ideas?


        5. Yes, it’s Notes. I’ll have to install ElCap on the MacBook Air according to the popup when I opened Notes just now.
          More importantly, I just saw that series 5 of Homeland is starting this weekend. What series are you on?


        6. My ‘Magic Mouse’ started acting up a lot more after the upgrade. It loses the Bluetooth connection.

          Yes, it’s season 5 we’re watching here πŸ™‚


        7. I gave up my magic mouse a longish while ago, and now I have got so used to the trackpad that I feel ‘disconnected’ when I try a mouse.

          Hoho! Season 5 – great – we can discuss it πŸ™‚


        8. Admittedly I play _one_, silly game in FB. I’ve played it since 2009! That’s the sole reason I can’t get used to the trackpad! Today I gave up on the Magic Mouse and bought the ordinary one. Just getting used to it now.

          Reg. Season 5: Yay! πŸ™‚ …but haven’t you missed at least one season … or how was it?!


        9. Bejewelled Blitz *feeling sheepish*. Every day I get a ‘free spin’ and in ALL these years I’ve never got the three blue gems. When I do I’ll probably quit. ☺️


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