Dithering On The Diving Board


I stole the idea from an ad for ‘Yo Contraire’ from comedian Andrew Maxwell that was on the billboards dotted around in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

I say stole, except on the ad it was a man in a dress suit with a bow tie, standing on the board and he wasn’t considering jumping in – he was standing there one hand in his trouser pocket, surveying his domain.


  1. Ms. Tassitus says:

    Great job on the zebra! 🙂

    Funny, how different one theme can look … depending on the choices one makes


    1. I’m going to have to come and look at yours again 🙂

      I tried a header and it was dingy because I chose an image with a lot of white in it.


      1. Ms. Tassitus says:

        I see 🙂 …and it needs to be 1440px width to look good …


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