It Caught My Eye

This may be of no interest to anyone except me.

I decided to photograph things that catch my eye. But without the usual filter of whether I think it will make a good photo. Just things that catch my eye. Maybe I will learn something from this and maybe it will be not to publish rubbish photos. We shall see.

So here are the first three in an occasional series of ICME





  1. Barb says:

    I like the dappled light through the trees in the first one David, it gives depth to the photo. The one of the bike with the trainer wheel through the railings tells a story methinks!
    I think you are onto something here with your choices.


    1. Thank you. I will wait to be caught again 🙂


  2. This the route, in my view to great photography. Figure out what catches your eye and spend time capturing that image.


    1. One thing I am finding is that one cannot catch the catcher. That is, I cannot set out to find thing that catch my eye. They have to catch me while I am doing other things.


  3. tassitus says:

    I like the idea … and I tried something similar a couple of years ago — to shoot something just because *I* like it … Then I forgot about it.

    You’re so right about ‘one cannot catch the catcher’…


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