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The Belgian Consulate in Penicuik

Penicuik is a small town of 12,000 people, ten miles outside Edinburgh.

It is a couple of miles from Rosslyn, of Rosslyn Chapel fame, and that’s the only reason I can think why the Belgian Consulate is in Penicuik.

It’s tiny – like a corner shop – so it’s about as low key as you can get.

By the way, Penicuik is pronounced ‘Pennycook’ and the name is from Pen Y Cog, meaning “Hill of the Cuckoo” in early Celtish.



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    • Yes, amazing, isn’t it? I would have taken a shot of the coat of arms over the door but the sun was shining from right behind the building and the photographer in me didn’t want to take a lousy/lousier shot.


    • Me too – I stopped at Rosslyn on the way back. There’s a visitor centre and a car park and an overflow car park! And I exchanged smiles with a Chinese couple and an Italian couple. I didn’t go in – or rather I went in but it was only half an hour until closing time, and they said it would take a good hour to walk around inside. There’s a fine around the perimeter, but I found a path that led down the valley and around – and got a couple of photos.

      I thought the Dan Brown book was rubbish, but there is something, do you think, about places like this that survives all the ‘hoax’ exposures?


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