On Cameras, Justice, And The Environment

The November photo challenge starts tomorrow. The only way I will be able to keep pace is by posting from my iPhone using the WordPress app.

So I am posting this in advance to test image straightening with the Snapseed app and image resizing with the Reduce app.

That’s the technical side.

The emotional side is that I plan to make this a month of photographing justice – for people and for the environment.

I am not generally a collector – but several year’s worth of Book Festival bags tell their own story.



  1. Rebekah says:

    Sounds great!

    At first, I stated that I’d do only iPhone photos, but I’ve gone back on that. Will see what the subjects are. I’m pleased now, that I don’t have to use a different app to do straightening.


    1. I looked down the blogroll list of particpiants, and I would guess there are about 1,000 – should be fun!


      1. Rebekah says:


        Have you heard anything back fro WP, regarding the header image?


        1. Is it still not showing for you? Support said it was showing for them.


        2. Rebekah says:

          That’s strange. It’s still not showing for me — just tried it on the other computer [win7]. Tried different browsers … no show.


        3. Support told me they thought it was a server issue, so that it would clear itself in time. However, when I just went into ‘customise’ it said no image was set. So I set a new header image and saved.

          Is a scene of cottages along a coastline showing for you now?


        4. Rebekah says:

          Yes, and it’s lovely!


  2. Sylvia says:

    I am going to do the photo101 too…but I don’t have an iPhone. Just me, my camera and the computer …so old school. :). But I’m looking forward to seeing your photos! Should be fun.


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