I Could Spit

Just watched a bit of Autumn Watch. Should be called Death Watch – heartbreaking report on the damage to wildlife from the chemicals in anti-depressants and other medicines that pass through us and into the filter beds at the local sewage treatment plant where the water is sprayed on the sludge and birds eat the invertebrates that feed on the microbial sludge.

They showed a study of starlings fed a dose of antidepressants. They are lethargic and eat less and are less sexually active and fertile.

Chris Packham suggested – shorter half-life for the stuff in the tablets. And treatment plants that take the chemicals out.

Sure, I can see that being a big priority.

I could spit.

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  1. As somebody who has to take a lot of medications to stay alive I was horrified watching that this evening!!! Something needs to be done to protect our wildlife from this sewage 😦


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