Sheep Under Trees


[Click the image to see it bigger.]

Sheep under trees – I’m really not sure – are they under the trees, or beneath the trees, or are both ways of saying it OK?

They are surely not below the trees, are they?

They are below the tree line, but that doesn’t count.


  1. Rudders says:

    What are they doing beneath the trees? Are they resting/lying down/sheltering? Beneath is correct but only if a verb is present.


  2. It was a sunny day and they were in the shade – so I think they were sheltering from the sun. But who knows – maybe they were there for some other reason.

    I like to think of sheep looking at grass and going ‘Ooh, grass!’ and seeing more grass and going ‘Ooh, grass!’ and being completely happy time after time through the day.


  3. I didn’t know about ‘beneath’ and the verb. Good thing I read that.

    It’s a lovely photograph and your thought about the grass too 😀


  4. JenT says:

    When we were in Norway at the end of May, we slept next to a field of sheep that wore tinkling little bells around their collars. They ate and ate the grass in the field until sunset, which was well after midnight. First time ever i could say i hated sheep. 🙂


    1. I sympathise.
      I guess the person who put the bells on the sheep should shoulder the blame.

      We were near Stonehenge once and decided to detour off the main road to take another look at it – this time in the moonlight.

      I parked the car at an angle, with the headlights shining into a field.

      Hundreds of shiny circles of light appeared.

      Being right next to Stonehenge, our imaginations started to play wildly until we realised the lights were the reflections in the eyes of hundreds of sheep who had raised their heads to see what was going on.

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  5. JenT says:

    Too, too funny!


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