Write The Hemingway Way

I’ve been using this for a few days: Hemingway app shows you ‘on the fly’ how many passive voice sentences, adverbs, complicated sentences etc. you are writing – like a highlighted Fleish-Kincaid test for readability.

There’s a web version, and for $5.00 there’s a desktop app for Mac OS and PC

5 thoughts on “Write The Hemingway Way

    1. That’s a good question.

      About a year ago I started reading books on copy writing.

      One writer suggested this tool, and I’ve been using it.


      It doesn’t tell you why your readability grade is low or high, but it doesn’t take much tweaking to work it out.

      And I had the benefit of having read books on copy writing.

      I don’t think it destroys style – though it could. And sometimes I would make a change and then decide not to follow it.

      Over all, I think it has helped me make my copy more direct.


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