Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art


This is my contribution to this week’s WordPress challenge, which is under the title ‘Work of Art‘.

I took the photograph in the Musee des Beaux-Arts in Brussels.

The painting is by Constant Montald and is entitled ‘La Fontaine de l’inspiration’ – the fountain of inspiration.

I guess it might seem that I took the photo because of the contrast between the couple who are so wrapped up in each other, and the painting to which they are seemingly oblivious.

But the truth is that the main reason I took the photo is for the sheet graphic quality of the large rectangle in pastel colours and contrast with the small dark shape of the couple.

I try sometimes to look back into my head to see what it is that triggers me to want to take a photo. It is kind of possible – but not completely.


  1. raroto says:

    The shot clearly portrays the vast size of the painting. A very attractive photo!


    1. Thanks 🙂

      I like your blog. 🙂


  2. It’s a picture within a picture.



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