I’m back…let’s play catch up

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Jane Austen is to be on the £10 note. Here’s a well-observed article on what is right and what is wrong with the banknote, the depiction of women, and Jane’s true character.


Its been a long time, baby, to quote the Blessed Fat Boy Slim, but here we are, once again gracing the book-strewn halls of Austenonly. Sufficiently recovered to be able to access my computer once more, I thought it was about time we made our re-acquaintance.  I hope you have been well and happy in my absence. Many, many Jane Austen-related news items have come and gone while I’ve been recuperating, so, if you don’t mind, over the next few posts, I’m going to take a look at some of them.

The first news item of great note and import was that an image of Jane Austen was to be featured on a new Bank of England banknote.

The date for issue of the note is not too far in the future, 2017, fittingly the year of the 200th anniversary of her death.

Here is a video featuring Chris…

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  1. jfwakefield says

    Thank you, David for the re-blog, and the compliment. Its good to be back, even if its not going to be quite as full time as before!


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