I saw Automattic’s post about how it had acquired Cloudup.

And I saw Timethief’s post about Cloudup too.

And I read..

At the heart of Cloudup is a ridiculously fast sharing platform that allows you to drag and drop images easily, share to social media, auto-upload screenshots, and instantly share videos with friends before the video is even fully uploaded — syncing effortlessly all the while and working perfectly across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.


As we work behind the scenes, Cloudup remains in private beta. But, if you want to get a preview of what’s ahead, we’re opening up another 5,000 spots. So please head over and signup. Once you have your account, you can embed Cloudup images in your blog’s post editor by just pasting in the URL on a line by itself.

The words private beta screamed out to me that I was unlikely to get a spot. After all, there are a zillion and a half bloggers out there. But I went to get a spot and I got one. So now I have a Cloudup account.

This is from the FAQs:

What’s the item or file size limit?

Every Cloudup user can add 1000 items, up to 200MB each, for free. Yep, that means up to about 200GB depending on what you’re streaming. We will be announcing premium accounts soon for our users who want more streaming power from Cloudup.

Mmmm…. premium accounts….

It’s been a strange week for social media. Twitter announces that it’s going to be throttling the stream so you have to pay to reach everyone you want to reach.

And I have been thinking that after all is said and done, what has happened is that new adventurers in the digital universe have reached new heights… and then they have become just like the old buccaneers who ventured into new worlds… first they figure it out and then they start throttling the stream into their bank accounts.

Oh well, make hay while the sun shines. I still have a bet on that in a year or three we will be saying ‘Twitter and Facebook, remember them? What were they all about?’

Back to Cloudup though, here is the link to the file I uploaded – and you should be able to get it and download the file.

Of course I could have shared the link with one or two people rather than blast it all over the web. And I did have the option of passwording the file and then I could have shared with more privacy.

But I would like to see how far this file travels…

Wild upload

Final word – If you want consistently good information on WordPress you should follow Timethief’s OneCoolSiteBloggingTips.

3 thoughts on “Cloudup

  1. Hi there David,
    I registered an account but I don’t expect to be using Cloudup much so purchasing a premium account isn’t on my radar. Unlike most folks I don’t choose to have either a camera or cell phone. My hubby is the photographer and we don’t choose to place any images he takes online. This decision was made after someone close to us went through 18 months of living hell when their identity was stolen by a content thief who also helped himself to our friend’s artwork.


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