Bees On Thistles

Bees On Thistle
Bees On Thistle
Bees On Thistle Close Up
Bees On Thistle Close Up

The sun was shining and the day was young, so we hopped on a bus and went to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

We’ve been before – several times – but yesterday we found more areas in which to wander that we had not seen before.

The place is much bigger than we had thought, and reading the information on the RHSE website, I see that it covers about 70 acres (30 hectares).

That’s pretty good and especially so since the garden is just one mile north of the city centre.

The Place Was Humming

The garden was humming with bees, including these that Tamara spotted on some thistles.

The bees in the photo here hold the record no only for the number of bees on one thistle head but also for arranging themselves so well for their photo.

6 thoughts on “Bees On Thistles

  1. Fun time we had there yesterday, David – and your photo does justice to the humming bee trio!

    Love your last line here, and yes: The bees were considerate sweeties to arrange themselves so for their photo shoot, I agree 🙂


  2. I love touring botanical gardens, water gardens and showpiece gardens and sketching what I see there. I’m so happy to hear that Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is buzzing with bees. The idea of a world without them pollinated the over 80% of plants that require their services is a scary one indeed.

    Your images are fabulous David. I’m pretty sure the bees arranged themselves randomly on that thistle but maybe not. Maybe they are flea circus material who recognize a ring master when they see one with camera in hand. 😉


    1. As we know, the jury is still out on the cause of colony collapse disorder in honeybees, but pesticides and fungicides are surely high on the list of suspects. Yet it took a second vote from the European Union to bring in a ban of neonicotinoid pesticides in the European Union – with Britain abstaining twice – despite evidence of the dangers of these chemicals.

      Meanwhile, the bee circus plays on 🙂


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