Experimenting With Different Themes


I have another WordPress.com site besides this one.

I set it up with the pleasingly appropriate name of – I Use This For Testing.

That is, the actual URL is iusethisfortesting.wordpress.com.

I set it up so that I could experiment with themes. I experiment by activating themes when WordPress introduces them.

It allows me to see how different features perform with different themes – features such as quotes, sub-headings, image captions, etc.

I keep a list on the site of the themes I have tested, so I remember which I have tried.

I know that there is a ‘Live Preview’ feature on WordPress. But it only shows you whatever you have on your site at the present time. And maybe you don’t have any quotes or images or whatever to preview.

It was easy to set up the content of the the site. I just put in some text in bold, italics, quotes, H2, H3 sub-headings, an image, etc.

By setting the site up (and keeping a list on the site of the themes I have tested) it makes it easy to refer to and to test WordPress themes.

If you are the kind of person who likes to experiment with WordPress themes but doesn’t want to try them out on your main site, you might want to set up an experimental test site of your own.

About The Poppy Image

Is the sepia-toned poppy image at the beginning of this post too dismal? I can’t decide. I’d appreciate your feedback about it.


  1. Madhu says:

    I do that too, on a blog that I have kept private! Still haven’t found any that i like enough to change 🙂


    1. Ah, yes that is an option – to keep the test blog private. Good thought. 🙂


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