A Week In Brussels

The Grande Place In Brussels
The Grande Place In Brussels

We got back last Thursday from a week in Brussels. It was a dual-purpose visit – part holiday and part investigation – and we wrote about it on the Quillcards Blog under the title Brussels – Hiding in Plain Sight.

Please consider taking a look and commenting.

Meanwhile, the photo here is a shot of one of the buildings in the Grand Place in Brussels. I took it using the Camera+ app on my iPhone and then ran it through the PhotoStudio app which has some ‘effects’ including this one named Burnt Paper.

I took most of the photos during the week with my Olympus E-PM1 and a little kit zoom lens that worked out pretty well. It’s a 14-42mm lens that is equivalent to a 28-84mm in standard 35mm, so it covers that range from pretty wide to short tele.

The lens costs less than £70.00 (about $105.00) so it is not expensive as lenses go. And it closes up fairly small as well. All in all – not as sharp as the 45mm Olympus I have, but good enough.

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        1. I wasn’t very clear there LOL. I was thinking about their theme Twenty Twelve — there is a quite nice way of setting up the static front page there.


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