Calla Lilly and AZ Claire Free Font

First the free font – which is available from Creative Market – and is named AZ Claire. It is by Andre Zottolo of AristofDesign. Normally it is $20.00, so grab it quick.

And here it is:


Secondly, I passed a flower shop and bought a Calla Lilly. I really should have set up my tripod and checked the light, but time was pressing, so I just shot and hoped. I do too much of that.

Calla Lilly
Calla Lilly


  1. Maria says:

    Monday Double Shot! Love it. 😀

    The font is pretty and that lily is – well, simply stunning.
    You have such a good eye.
    I see just a tinge of blue on the outer edge of the blossom and it’s show-stopping!


    1. Ah, you are very kind. 🙂


      1. Maria says:

        Nope, you’re just that good!


  2. This was in May … how could I have missed this post [until now]. It’s one of the flowers I love the most, and this photograph is stunning.


    1. Thanks – Will soon have a greeting card with a calla lily on Pelican Cards. It’s done and in the works for putting online. 🙂


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