It Is Undulating


I guess everyone has their own idea of what was going through Van Gogh’s mind when he painted. For me, it’s the wildness and quixotically personal way he responded to what he saw.

A field of wheat with crows overhead, or a divided path around a church seem to me to have put the heebie-jeebies up him.

13 thoughts on “It Is Undulating

      1. Perfect timing – my seeing your post yesterday, we were getting whipped around by what felt like hurricane-esque winds (even lost power for a few hours) so when I saw that image… I read it as a blustery day 🙂 Post another and lets see what folks come up with.


  1. Oh hey my sister wants to become a professional photographer. So could you help me to help her? I mean could you tell me how to go about becoming a photographer?

    Actually I write music reviews so I don’t know much rather anything about it.

    Thank you!


        1. I didn’t say that it would. And if you are not bothered, or if you are bothered, that is a matter for you.

          I was telling you that I looked briefly at your blog; saw that you had one post in there, and that I felt that you intended simply to spam. So I took out the link that led back to your blog.

          I could just as easily have deleted your comment or marked it as spam – but I wanted to tell you that dressing your comment up as a seemingly pertinent question does not alter what it is.


  2. Firstly,it wasn’t a spam. Yes I did comment as my blog because by default you comment as your blog. Secondly, I was looking for some good response to my question as I stumbled upon your blog while searching for photography blogs which could help her, which you didn’t while instead you were telling me about whatever you were telling me which I wasn’t even interested in so my last comment came out of helplessness. And thanks a lot for reminding me that the blog is empty. Anyways I am sorry if it came out a little harsher than it was intended to be.


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