Are You From Mossad


He was standing behind a table in the middle of Edinburgh part of a ‘solidarity against apartheid Israel’ campaign. I started taking his photograph and he asked me whether I was from Mossad. I said I was and that I needed his photo for our files.

I said I wasn’t sure how to classify him and I kept snapping away as his expression changed.

I smiled and he smiled back.

These anti-Israel campaigns disgust me, but I wouldn’t want to stop his right to free speech – as long as he stops at that.

12 thoughts on “Are You From Mossad

    1. My experience is that sometimes people I meet people who seem to need their position about something more than they need to listen. So I see no point in arguing. I could try try to explain – but if I see that someone is fixed, I feel there is no point in arguing.


      1. We all meet people who are fanatic about superflous things. Sometime they are normal people just that certain event or mention of something of may be an object like camera would trigger them and suddenly they are in the loop of a set of thought. Absolutely no way to pull them out of such loop unless they themselves see the loop.


        1. So it is.
          I find it conveniently clear to think in terms of a jar of marmalade into which one’s head is thrust. One looks around and sees only marmalade. It is then difficult to see that there is a world outside of the jar.


  1. An excellent example of ‘The Reality’. I would like to use it sometime. BTW can you suggest some of your post, for an absolute beginner, to start photography blog? Meanwhile I am checking your site inside out.


    1. I’m glad you found my blog so I could find yours.

      Can you give me some guidance about what you are looking for in a photography posts?

      Did you take the photograph of the chrysanthemums in your article about blogging and recycling content?

      It’s a lovely photo: I thought so when I read the post.

      Use the marmalade analogy, by all means.

      I for my part like the way you have expressed “…Blogging was supposed to be a personal log book but it becomes a scrapbook of other’s articles.”


        1. Do you also have a camera?

          When you say, space for storage – do you mean space on your own machine?

          How much space do you have for storage?

          What kind of editing program do you have for uploading images to the web?

          If you mean that you are concerned about using a lot of space on your blog website, then there are ways to reduce the size of the images you upload. For example, I see that the chrysanthemum photo is 1024 × 768px and 279KB. The dimensions of the image on the page in your blog are 530 x 400px.

          So with the correct tool or program, it would be possible to reduce the size of the image and the file size before uploading – and it would look just as good on the web.


  2. I use linux on all machines. Gimp is my software of choice. Regarding pixal size, that was the kind of information I needed. Very basic for a newbie. My pictures are in raw and I use ufraw for converting it. Presently the Content Management is handled by Picassa and hosting was on blogger. I was wondering if there was a better cross available. Further what is the right viewing size.


    1. The ‘correct’ width depends on the theme. For your theme, 540px wide seems to be about right. So save for Web at 540px wide.

      I tried Gimp once, but I am not familiar with it. I use Photoshop and when I want to save an image for viewing on the web, I use the Save For Web tool. I tell it to strip out the metadata and I save at around 25-40% quality. With some images it is possible to save at much less quality and not see any difference in quality. I just saved your image at 540px and 30% quality – I will email it to you. You will see it is reduced from 279KB down to 45KB.


  3. israel is not an independant country at all.usa imperialist gives bilions of pound to israel,why?because israel is part of usa,another state of usa.if other countries refuse to accept the existance of israel,usa either blockade those countries economicly or assasinate those leaders.israel does the dirty works of uk,france and usa.well it is NATO actually.israel works for NATO.if scotland has become independent,usa and uk would use MOSSAD to assasinate scottish leaders,i believe..


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