Scrunching Images With JPEG mini

Jennifer from Random Acts Of Photography told me about Jpegmini, which is a free online service for scrunching jpegs. There are also two downloadable versions for Mac computers. These are a free ‘lite’ version that restricts use to 20 photos per day, and a full version that supports jpeg images as big as 28Mpx andContinue reading “Scrunching Images With JPEG mini”

Editing With Picasa Creative Kit

Well I’ve learned something interesting and that is that Picasa can be used to resize photos. My thanks to Rebekah of Colder Weather who pointed it out. Here is a screen shot of Creative Kit, and then the image that I resized to 600px wide. Picasa did a good job and the image is 20KB.Continue reading “Editing With Picasa Creative Kit”

Save For the Web With Picmonkey

The Eternal Traveller mentions that she uses Picmonkey to resize her images for the web. Picmonkey is an online solution – and it’s easy to use. Just upload an image; resize it to the desired dimensions and save at one of three qualities (with three file sizes of course). Here is a photo of aContinue reading “Save For the Web With Picmonkey”