Save For the Web With Picmonkey

The Eternal Traveller mentions that she uses Picmonkey to resize her images for the web.

Picmonkey is an online solution – and it’s easy to use. Just upload an image; resize it to the desired dimensions and save at one of three qualities (with three file sizes of course).

Here is a photo of a rabbit that I processed in Photoshop at 42% (that’s a fairly high quality for the web) which gave me a file size of 14KB.

And I also resized and saved at the lowest quality with Picmonkey, which gave me a file size of 37KB.

What do you think? The top one is the one I processed in Photoshop. I think there is more detail in it than in the Picmonkey version, but both are fine for the web.

So that’s a useful suggestion from Eternal Traveller, and one that can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection and with no need to use a program on one’s computer.



2 thoughts on “Save For the Web With Picmonkey

  1. I’m a picmonkey user too. It’s a very easy to use image editing program that I can fathom. Some of the others are so sophisticated that they make my eyes glaze over and my head ache.


    1. After using Photoshop for ages, I am still not clear on how to use the ‘pen’ tool. I know it is the tool I should use to make curved shape selections, but I never got the hang of it.

      Another new year resolution!


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