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Behind The Photographs

Behind The Photographs

I made the ‘egg yolk’ photo by overlaying a scan of a sheet of coffee-stained paper over the image of the yolks in a bowl, and then overlaying another layer – this time of a bright blue – and then altering the blending modes to bring out the colours. I almost certainly cut through the layers to reveal the bright yellow of the yolks.

The cafe shot was on a very sunny day in Lyon in France, when the man’s shirt was blindingly white against the rest of the scene.

The third shot is from the town of Haridwar taken during a trip to northern India. It is in fact a crop of a photo that has a third man standing up and lighting a bindi (a narrow little cigarette that is ubiquitous in India), and it makes a pleasant photo in itself

The three photos above are some that we used this last weekend to illustrate an article about Child In Need India (CINI).

In Conversation


  1. Rebekah

    They’re all very nice, but the egg yolks is truly a piece of art! I would have it printed and put up on the wall.

    The lighting in the café shot is really interesting…


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