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I Am Daffodil


I Am Daffodil

I have no idea why this reminds me of the good robot in I, Robot or why that triggered an image of Will Smith and the film I Am Legend.

Post Script

I got a prompt from WP to use ‘daffodils’ as a tag just now while drafting this. So I searched for the tag and found a post from February 2008 when the daffodils were out in Leeds.

The point of that post was to comment on how picayune digital cameras seems sometimes. The photo I took for the 2008 post told me that the ISO was 117.


  1. Rebekah says

    Looking forward to seeing you, Daffodil.

    ISO 117, that was weird. I don’t like ISO Auto all that much..


  2. I haven’t used auto ISO for ages. Maybe in a narrow range of ISO it has its place to enable the camera to keep the shutter speed up to something reasonable.


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