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Project 365 Day 15 – You Should Have Been There

Oh you should have been there. The sky was intense and the fields just rolled off into the distance beyond the telegraph poles.


The fact is that this photograph is wrong.

According to good opinion on the subject, the area of sky and the area of ground should not be equal or nearly equal.

They should be in the proportions of the golden mean or somewhere around two-thirds to one third.

Something like that.

See – this photo is all wrong.


  1. it may be ‘wrong’ in terms of classical composition rules, but it works! lovely tones, very soothing and i particularly like the diagonal line traveling across the bottom of the image.


  2. Not necessarily so in this photo, David. The lovely clouds in the sky add to the composition to make the “thirds” rule void. I agree with Holdlifestill. 🙂


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