Project 365 Day 14 – The Success Mark

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When I paid the car parking fee in the machine at the St James Shopping Center here in Edinburgh a couple of days ago, I couldn’t help but notice something that popped up on the screen.

Once the payment went through, the ‘success’ notification consisted of a simple statement on the screen telling me to collect my token, and a large white check mark (or ‘tick’ in British English) in a green circle.

It reminded of the little success! notification that you get when you download software.

And as I collected my yellow token from the tray, I wondered who was the first with the particular style of check mark?

And then there are two styles of check mark: There is a green check mark in a white circle and the alternative of a white check mark in a green circle. Which came first?

Whichever style it was, I guess the first to use it might have been Microsoft. Or perhaps it was Apple with its ground-breaking graphical interface.

Check Mark Heaven

So it got me thinking about those little symbols and where they go when they have finished their job.

I imagine them ascending to a better place where they gather together and spend their time checking merrily the whole day long.


upload successful - to the heavens

Upload Successful

You might wonder whether they get bored doing that, but I can tell you that they do not get bored.

It’s the same with sheep. Sheep eat all day long and into the night.

When they look at the ground, they say:

Ooh, grass!

They never get bored.


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