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The Standard Lamp

I have been shooting with a Pansonic GF1 for nearly a year now. I kept the first image that I shot with the camera, so from the metadata I know that I bought the camera on January 5th. 2011.

I remember unpacking the camera and noting again, just like I had in the shop, that the camera is very solidly built. I don’t know why I should find that so surprising: After all, Panasonic make good video recorders and TVs 😉

But somehow in my mind that didn’t translate into them making good cameras.

I bought the GF1 on other reviewers’ recommendations and after having shot a few frames in the shop on my own SD card and then looking at the images on screen.

I bought the camera with the 20mm lens. I looked at the 14-42mm (which replaced the 14-45mm lens) but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a small camera and then stick a long tube on the front of it. So the 20mm continues to be the only lens I have for this ‘small’ camera.

The truth is it is not small. It sits in my camera bag with oodles of room all around, and the weight on my shoulder is practically non-existant compared to carrying a big (or even a small) DSLR, but the camera is not small enough to slip in a pocket.

So I have been looking at the Fuji X10. It is just camera lust, really. Or the Canon s95 or the s100. But then from what I read, the Fuji X100 produces lovely tonality.

Camera lust is like other forms of lust: It waxes and wanes. But when it waxes, it dominates one’s thoughts for a while.

So, that is a long prologue to this photo that I took recently with the GF1. The lampshade is old fashioned but the wooden ‘standard’ is painted with a more modern colour, at least that is how I see it – probably because the finish of the paint is semi-matt rather than gloss.

By the way, the ‘standard’ in standard lamp comes from its upright or extended position.

Standard Lamp

The Standard Lamp

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