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Saving Darfur is now available for kindle

A book that is available on Kindle but is unfortunately out of print in ‘print’.

South of West

It’s a couple of years since I left Nairobi. I spent five years living there and travelling around east Africa. And this past week I’ve watched (for the umpteenth time) Pole to Pole, Michael Palin’s trip from north to south, taking him through Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania filmed in 1991 which made me a little homesick for the place.

At that time no-one had heard of Darfur. But everyone knew about the civil war in the south. Palin’s trip almost comes off the rails when Khartoum says his route is too dangerous, forcing a detour east into Ethiopia.

That was all 20 years ago. But one of the many things that made me smile (in a sort of weary way) was Palin reading from his guide book’s description on Sudan. I forget exactly how it went, but it was something along the lines of: “Sudan is a land…

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