Paste From Word

I wrote the following section using the Word word processing program.

I never draft my web documents in Word because I know that Word formats text in ways that can be incompatible with web layout and which can cause problems for my blog.

However, I just learned from TimeThief, who runs One Cool Site Blogging Tips, that there is a way to paste in information from a Word document without carrying over the formatting.

You can read how to do that here in her article on Word and WordPress.

So I am writing this text in Word and I am going to try out the suggestions of how to deal with the problem.

So let’s add some formatted text to give WordPress something to chew on.

This is formatted as a heading 2.

This is aligned with an indent.

This text is larger, and this text is a different color and bigger than the rest of the text.


Well, the experiment showed that Pasting From Word stripped out the main formatting but it left in the line spacing, which I removed with the delete button, line by line.

And now I have edited the text somewhat.

Time to publish and see whether Word has messed up the article or not.

Here is a screen grab of the original Word document:

Why I Did The Experiment

I wanted to do this experiment so that if someone asked me how to transfer from Word to WordPress, I could say that I had tested the method and seen the results.

However, I should mention that I never use the Visual Editor.

If there is something I want to transfer from a Word document then the way I do it is to paste the text into a little utility program named TextEdit that comes bundled with my Macbook.

The preferences in TextEdit can be set to Rich Text or Plain Text and I have mine set to ‘Plain text’ and this strips out the coding from all kinds of sources – Word, other places on the web, etc.

Other Ways

I also use a program named MarsEdit from RedSweater Software. Again it is Mac only.

This program allows me to write articles for my blogs, format them, and then send them to the server. This means that I do not have to be here in the Admin section of WordPress to write the articles.

There are some limitations to the program when it comes to captioning images, but overall it is a great program and one I recommend.

Quoth Little Peterkin

Had someone asked me before I read Timethief’s article, I would have advised them to stay away from Word when drafting articles for WordPress.

My advice is still the same, but it is good to know there is a way out of the problem for someone who has drafted their text in the venerable and still useful Word word processing program.

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