How To Implement Typekit Fonts On Your WordPress Dot Com Blog

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I’ll make it short and sweet.

WordPress has made it simple to incorporate typekit fonts into your blog.

The fist thing to do is to sign up to Typekit.

I did that a while ago and I implemented it – or thought I did. But it wasn’t working.

So today I spent a bit more time looking at how to do it.

On Your WordPress Admin Dashboard
When you look at the sidebar of your admin page and scroll down to where you will see Typekit Fonts and click that, you will see this.

This is where you add the code that you collect from your Typekit account.

You will find the code on the Typekit site.

You get to the code by clicking on the Typekit Editor and then when the Typekit Editor launches, by clicking on the words Embed Code up in the top right.

Choosing the Typekit Fonts
The Editor will look like in the image below.

Actually this is not what you will see until you yourself fill in the elements in the Selector section up on the top left.

If you don’t fill that in then nothing will appear on your site.

It was this final stage that I had not implemented before: I assumed that the system worked automatically.

Up in the top left of this image you can see the several tags I have added to the Selector section.

Not Sure About The Tags?
To learn about what to put in the Selector section, go to the Help page on Typekit, which is here.

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