Pulling In Content – Video Shot On An iPhone

It took me a while to get my head around what was happening when, for example, I added Google adsense advertisements to my blog (not WordPress Dot Com blogs, of course).

I am used to the idea that the content of a website comes from the server where the website is hosted. And somehow I thought the Google ads went via the same server.

But eventually I got used to the idea that what is actually happening is that I place a piece of code on the site and the site pulls the content from the Google servers.

So my website (or anyone’s website) becomes a hub through which content is shown – and that content may come from my webhost’s servers, Google’s servers, and lots of other places – depending on what code I have put in my site.

Here is an embed for a Vimeo video that showcases what wonderful video can be shot on an iPhone.

Except this is a WordPress Dot Com blog, so the code for the iFrame that shows the video is changed by the behind-the-scenes WordPress program to a simple link. Not good.

You might like to click it though because the video is great and the music is catchy.

iPhone Film Festival – iPhone 4 Music Video from Moviphone Film Fest™ on Vimeo.

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