A Photograph Of Mine Has Been Published

This photograph of ours has been published in the Yorkshire Dales National Park Guide 2010 in their print edition and online on their website – Yipee!.

I took it last year at lambing time at a farm in the Yorkshire Dales. I sent some prints to the owner of the farm and he got in touch with the National Park Authority who contacted me and asked whether they might use one of my shots in their Guide.

So of course I am very happy that it worked out.

Lambing At Hurries Farm


  1. James McIlroy says:

    Congratulations – it’s a great photo. I feel as though I am in the shed with the man who is holding the sheep. What is he doing, exactly? It seems like he is pushing the sheep down on the lambs.


  2. David says:

    Thank you. The man in the photograph is the farmer who helped with the delivery. He is guiding the mother ewe towards the new-born lambs so she will get a good dose of their smell and bond with them properly.

    The sheep at the back are all pregnant so there are a lot os smells in the barn and the farmer wants to make sure each mother connects properly with her own lambs.


  3. atomicgator says:

    Congrats, great job. Beautiful pictures on your site. Nice work



  4. vanglo48 says:

    Good for you. Great topic. Great photo. Reminiscent of “all creatures great and small”. Thanks for the memory.


    1. Did you close your blog down? If you did and you start another, let me know so I can pop ’round. 🙂


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