Nikon P5100 night capability

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There is a fair amount of blotchiness in the blank areas of the sky but judge for yourself whether you think the image is useable. I propped the camera on a wall and set the self-timer. Then it is just a question of half-pressing to get focus, and then completing the press on the shutter and making sure I was not in the scene.

I desaturated the image more or less completely, to get rid of the orange glow from the streetlights.

This is a big image – 1000 pixels wide – so it won’t fit on this page, but it is not a big image in file size, so it won’t strain your connection. Click on the thumbnail to see it.



  1. Mick says

    Can you connect a separate zoom lens to the Nikon P5100 How good is the zoom, as i take long distance scenery pictures? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


  2. Nikon make a zoom attachment but I have not seen one nor seen any reviews. Sorry I can’t help more.

    If you do get one, let me know how you get on with it.


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