Adobe Media Gallery

On 26th May, in a review of CS3, I wrote:
“How long will Photoshop/Bridge and Lightroom remain two separate programs though? The stated philosophy was that some photographers wanted to process and batch process images and did not need the capabilities of Photoshop. That may be so now, but I cannot help but think that CS4 will surely incorporate everything Lightroom can do”

I did not imagine when I wrote it, that the convergence would be as quick as it has proved to be. But on 10th June, Adobe released Adobe Media Gallery, which adds Web Gallery creation to CSe in html and Flash.

Adobe Media Gallery is free for CS3 and includes both the plug-in and templates, all of the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom default templates, as well as the Lightroom HTML Gallery.

With it, users can create galleries and export them via FTP.

The link is here

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