Nuts From Red versus White Horse-Chestnuts

In an earlier post I talked about the difference between European (White) horse-chestnuts and Red Horse-chestnuts. Deb (Deb Weyrich-Cody) pointed out that Red Horse-Chestnuts are a cross between the white variety and the red buckeye.

Now the fruits have ripened and here are the nuts from a Red Horse-chestnut, and then from a European (White) horse-chestnut.

Don’t you think the patterning on the fruits is quite spectacularly lovely.

Click the photographs to see bigger versions.

European (White) Horse-Chestnut

And now here are the fruit from a European (White) horse-chestnut. As you can see, they are spherical and spiky. It’s the nuts from these trees that young boys use in the game of conkers. And when these spiky shells split apart I will gather some conkers from the ground to show you.

Spiky, spherical nuts of the White Horse Chestnut