Chinese Breathing Exercises

I joined a class in early Spring and have been doing these exercises since then, almost daily with a couple of periods when I took a break. A Chinese man living in Cambridge started the classes as a means of helping people build up their breath to combat the effects of COVID-19. The following isContinue reading “Chinese Breathing Exercises”

Nuts From Red versus White Horse-Chestnuts

In an earlier post I talked about the difference between European (White) horse-chestnuts and Red Horse-chestnuts. Deb (Deb Weyrich-Cody) pointed out that Red Horse-Chestnuts are a cross between the white variety and the red buckeye. Now the fruits have ripened and here are the nuts from a Red Horse-chestnut, and then from a European (White)Continue reading “Nuts From Red versus White Horse-Chestnuts”