irises growing in a clump

Unusually, I cannot recall where I photographed these irises. It was somewhere around Cambridge, but I cannot recall where.

I recall walking past some irises in a garden that were a pale colour, not into the blues and not into the violets, and very pale – and being struck by how lovely they were. Then a couple of gardens on, there were blue irises. Perhaps it was there.

The camera really nailed the focus: f5.6 and 1/110 of a second at ISO 200 (base ISO for the Fujifilm X100s)

Sunlit Cows

See how the red of their coats shines in the sunlight.

These cows are on the fields near Fen Causeway in Cambridge. The river Cam is just a couple of hundred yards to the right of this scene, and Tamara and I walked along the river and sat awhile, yesterday. It was so calming, to sit among the greenery, and watch the trees dappled with the light reflected off the water.

We stood by cows and listened to the tearing sound as they pulled the grass, on and on, non-stop. Their lives are composed of eating and sitting down, with maybe a little pushing and shoving for a change of pace.

Shot with Fujifilm X100s