Working out what G-d is like is a bit like a blind man picturing an elephant from touch. Still, if G-d can create a human being with free will, that’s clever. It’s more clever than creating stars and planets and everything on them. The quality of ‘randomness’ is similarly clever.

Is that seed head part of the plant? None of the other leaves have it. Or did the seed head get blown or carried to that spot? And then a couple of seed spilled out. Seemingly randomly.

Simon’s Poplar

Simon's Poplar

Simon's Poplar closeup of hanging leaves

An unusual and very pretty tree in the way the branches hang down in long strands. This is in the Botanic Garden in Cambridge, and there is a name tag on the tree that identifies it. The Wikipedia entry says:

Populus simonii, Simon’s poplar, Simon poplar, or Chinese cottonwood, is a species of poplar native to northeast China and to Mongolia, and commonly planted as a street tree in cool temperate areas of Europe. There have been introductions into North America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

A ‘street tree’ – how lovely to think of these lining a street.