Victoria Crowned Pigeon Greeting Card

This is our Victoria Crowned Pigeon Greeting Card, and the bird is an exotic pigeon native to New Guinea. It walks at a casual and studied pace across the forest floor, with its steely blue colouring shading into the shimmering maroon and purple on its breast. And wherever it walks it carries its lace-like blueContinue reading “Victoria Crowned Pigeon Greeting Card”

The Quality Of The Fuji X100s

I took the photos in the previous post (Ditch and Stream) with the Fuji X100s that I have mentioned a couple of times before. It is a fixed lens camera with a 35mm equivalent focal length lens. There are screw-in adaptors that can give it a longer or shorter focal length, but the adaptors areContinue reading “The Quality Of The Fuji X100s”