Scattering Impala

impala running into the bush

Yesterday, when moving some files around on my computer, a JPEG of this photo ‘appeared’ on my desktop. I must have extracted the JPEG at some point but I don’t recall it.

The EXIF data on the original RAW file tells me that I took the photograph on 24 September 2019, and that I shot in manual mode at 1/400th second at f6.3 with the lens at 300mm. What the photo doesn’t tell me is where I took it, but it was on the Eastern Cape in South Africa when Tamara and I were there.

It’s funny, because at the time I probably lamented that I was getting a shot of the impala running away, rather than a classic ‘full body’ shot. But now I like the movement and the scene. I probably see more in it that another person, because I was there – but I like it nonetheless.